Nerd. Pretty. Smart. Dumb. Popular. Unpopular. Artsy. Weird. Preppy. Jock. Fearful. Anxious. Faithful. Unfaithful. Unreliable. People pleaser. Shy. Weak.

This list could go on and on. Unfortunately we live in a world full of labels. We have all been labeled, we have labeled ourselves and we sadly have labeled others. As I continue in the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study, reading Limitless Life by Derwin L Gray I feel a sense of conviction.  I have labeled myself been labeled by others and unfortunately continue to label individuals without thinking about it.

The other day I was talking to my sister about a friend that I had in high school that I had not seen in a while. I had mentioned to her that I had run into this individual in town and that she was very pretty and outgoing now. I then said “yea it is weird she was very shy and kind of a nerd in high school.” WOW! Who am I to label someone like that? Who am I to carry on someones label from high school? How would I feel if everyone that I randomly ran into from my past labeled me by who I was when they knew me? That would definitely not be a good thing. I do not want to be labeled by my past, because that is not who I am. Labels do not define a person. People change. People grow. People acknowledge their “labels” and work to rid themselves of them. In Gods eyes we are free from labels. We are forgiven. We are loved. We are his children. How amazing is it that!  In a world where we are constantly labeling and being labeled in Gods eyes we are not. We are free from labels!! SO RID yourself of those labels that you define yourself with and instead replace them with FREE and child of God. You are so much more than those labels. So today I rid myself of these labels…..

People pleaser, pushover, weak, dumb, ditzy, insignificant, insecure, fearful, anxious, hesitant….

I am FREE. I am FORGIVEN. I am LOVED. I am GODS Daughter!!!

Take comfort in knowing that you can rip off those labels and are free!!




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