From Mess to Masterpiece

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” – Ephesians 2:10

As I continue the journey of my Proverbs 31 OBS we are now on the third and fourth chapters of Limitless Life, by Derwin Gray. This has been an amazing study thus far. It has definitely challenged me. I am not only learning more about how amazing our God is but am also learning a lot more about myself as well. This week in chapter three Derwin talks about how God turns our messes into masterpieces. For some reason this really stood out to me. Then to look at something even greater, scripture tells us that WE are God’s masterpieces. That is so mind boggling to me for some reason. The fact that He would call me a masterpiece. How can he consider me a masterpiece when I feel like I am more often a mess?

Masterpiece: “A work of outstanding artistry, skill or workmanship.” “An artist or craftsman’s best piece of work.”

To be honest that is far from how I would define myself. When I think of a masterpiece, works of art usually come to my mind. For example my husband grew up in Italy so Michelangelo’s statue of David or the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel are things that usually come to mind when thinking of a masterpiece. These are incredible pieces of art that Michelangelo spent years planning, creating and crafting. He chiseled the stone of  David until it was perfect. These pieces of art that he created are extremely famous and most everyone that sees them are in awe of the talent and beauty of his creations. What never clicked in my head is that this is us. We are Gods masterpieces. His creation and works of art. He spent the time planning us out, crafting and creating us. He spent time chiseling  and molding us until we were perfect in His eyes. He knew exactly what he wanted us to look like, be like and had our lives mapped out. We are his greatest accomplishments. Thankfully our creator still makes touch ups in our lives. He prunes us, leading and guiding us to fullfill His will.

Now having a daughter I look at her this way as well. She is my greatest accomplishment. She is a precious gift from God that my husband and I created and in my eyes she is the most beautiful little girl and definitely a masterpiece. So if I can see how this is so in others why is it so hard for me to accept that in Gods eyes he sees me as a masterpiece?

I think pride and perfection have a lot to do with this. We constantly as humans try and be perfect, doing everything right and keeping it all together. We try and keep our lives in order when in reality it is 1. impossible and 2. out of our control. While yes my life may feel like a mess more often than not. Often filled with chaos and “drama”. I am not a mess, even though it feels that way. I am a masterpiece. I am a child of God and created exactly how he wanted me. There are daily hurdles placed in front of me and days that I just cannot get it together. (Today was one of those days.) Thankfully though feeling like my life is a mess at times is okay. God takes those messes in our lives and turns them into masterpieces. God has created us each with different spiritual gifts and although at times we do not feel like we are a masterpiece or have much significance we do. God created us to do good in the world in His name! I am beyond thankful that I am Gods prideful creation. When I think of my flaws, imperfections and the mess I create at times, this verse helps me to remember that God planned me out and does not see me that way.  When he was finished creating us he saw perfection. So I take great comfort in knowing that God has created me exactly how He wants me and when I become discouraged through my trials and messy times I know that God has it all planned out. He has complete control over our messes and good will come from it. We do not always see it. It often takes time but eventually we can look back and see exactly why something happened the way it did. In those times I find myself taking a step back, smiling and just saying WOW! Our God is incredible!

Thank you Lord for taking my messes and turning them into masterpieces!



2 thoughts on “From Mess to Masterpiece

  1. Thank you for painting such a beautiful picture of the care and detail that goes into creating a masterpiece and how God took that care with each and every one of us! What a great perspective to have in the midst of our messes!

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