Community: “Limitless Life”

May 25th I will be starting up my second Bible Study through Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies! During the 5 weeks we will be studying “Limitless Life: You are more than your past when God holds your future” by Derwin L. Gray. I am so excited about this study! I so often let who I used to be or who I think people see me as determine and influence the decisions I make, which often holds me back from great opportunities. So I am looking forward to working through some of my internal issues with the support of such an amazing group of women.

During these five weeks we will be asked to blog on various topics. This weeks topic is on Community. What does community mean to me? My quick answer: Community is essential for my growth!

Am I good enough? Can I do this? Those are two questions that go through my head on a daily basis. I have always struggled with feeling adequate. I let the fear of failure hold me back from taking risks. Instead of taking leaps of faith and trusting God to guide me I often take a step back. (Often missing out on great possibilities/opportunities) I have always tried to to work through my issues and struggles (just me and God). I never included others because I did not feel like their concerns would be genuine or that they would truly care but rather just use my weaknesses against me. That was until I joined my first community group and finally had an accurate grasp on what that entailed.

Community: ” A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interest and goals.”

When my husband and I moved to the beach we tried out a few different churches and finally found the place we wanted to call home. We got plugged in right away and were placed in a community group that included other couples varying in age. I was extremely hesitant about this step because I do not do very well in groups of people. I tend to step back, observe and take it all in. It takes me a while before I become comfortable enough to voice my thoughts and opinions. I think that stems back to my issue with fear. The fear that I will say something wrong or won’t know how to answer something. Other times I become intimidated about the knowledge others have of the Bible. I start to feel like I should be on the same level as others even though I know that everyone’s walk with God is different and each relationship develops at different rates. With that said I cannot even begin to explain how this community group changed me. I gained such confidence in my faith. I realized that everyone in my group was sincere and truly cared about me. I was constantly challenged and pushed to be better. It was a safe place where I could share my struggles and voice my opinions. Through this group my faith and relationship with God was strengthened. I was baptized in February and my entire community group was front row cheering me on. They were the ones who prayed through my difficult pregnancy and the first ones to be there to bring me meals every night to get me back on my feet. They have become family and have opened my eyes to the importance of a community. I cannot begin to explain the growth I have seen in myself and my faith. Through this group I gained the confidence to branch out and find a Bible Study to help me dig deeper into Gods word and find others who shared that same desire……

That is where Proverbs 31 came about. My daughter is now 4 months old and I am a stay at home mom. She has been the biggest blessing and I thank God daily for choosing me to be her mom. As joyous as being a mom is so far…. there have been those days where I sit and wonder what in the world I am doing. How is what I do daily making a difference and important? I change diapers wash bottles and feed ALL day long. Is this what my life has become? I realize it is a stage that will come and go so quickly but it is still challenging some days. Especially because having an infant is so confining that actually going to someones house for community group or going to the church for Bible study is not enjoyable anymore because it adds on so much work when an infant is added to the equation. So my activity in my community group became less and less. Thankfully Proverbs 31 was my saving grace. I for once took a leap of faith and decided to go out of my comfort zone and join the Online Bible Study. I cannot even begin to put into words how much just one Bible study impacted my life. When the challenge to join the Blog Hop came about I spent two days juggling the idea of writing a blog. I let Satan in my head and was listening to him tell me that I would not know what to say or no one would be interested in reading it. But after those two days I decided to take a leap of faith. I have never had so many women encourage, support and show me so much love. By stepping out of my comfort zone I became part of a group who shares the desire to become closer to God. I became part of a community where I can be myself and feel safe sharing about myself.  I am inspired by all of these ladies, I pray for these ladies and I strive to be a better wife, mother, daughter and individual because of these ladies. I love Proverbs 31 and am so proud to be part of their community. I am so thankful for the impact it has had on my life so far and I am so excited to continue to grow!

I would encourage anyone who has any interest in being a part of a community to take a leap of faith and join this next study! You will not regret it!

“Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one heart and purpose.” Philippians 2:2

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17





9 thoughts on “Community: “Limitless Life”

  1. Thank you for opening up and sharing! I loved your blog. My kids are grown now but I remember those early days when you can feel so isolated even with the joy of your baby. 🙂

    • Thank you Kymmie! I am so glad that I am not alone in feeling isolated at times! That makes me feel better! I am so thankful to have this group of ladies to learn from and challenge me!
      Looking forward to participating in this study with you!
      Much love

  2. Hang in there mama! You will continue to be encouraged here, in the p31 OBS community. And, we are SO glad you are here. What an amazing gift that your church small group community gave you! That you were supported so enthusiastically for your baptism and your pregnancy… such a thing of beauty.

    I’m so glad you shared here today – it will be an encouragement to so many new mamas, too!

    Missy (P31 OBS Volunteer)

  3. Hi Anna,
    While I was reading your post, I was seriously wondering if you stole a page from my life’s book. Then I thought that you were reading my mind or bugged my house some how! I have felt this way and sometimes when i am not looking, I start feeling this way. I remebered the first time I stepped out of my comfort level, I thought I was going to die. I just wanted to crawl under the nearest blanket and hide. I was asked if I could help the mother that puts the auction baskets together for our school fundraiser. I said sure in the moment and then began wondering what I had just done. I told myself I wasn’t any good at that, because I had never done it before. So because I had already committed myself to it, I did it. My heart was beating so bad. Then it came time that the other mom came from work to finish the baskets. I thought for sure she was thinking what kind of crazy mess that this other mom who was supposed to be helping me did. So I was so nervous when she got there. I thought I was choking. I thought she was going to come in and have to change everything. She came in and did just the opposite. She said she loved them and that it meant so much to her that I was able to help her. Now we have become a team. That has become my job for the fundraiser.
    I too am a stay at home mom.When I was still pregnant, I sat in what was going to be the nursery and I did nothing but cry. This was the baby that I had been wanting and trying for for five years and he was almost here. I sat there wondering what I had gotten myself into, thinking that I had no idea what I was supposed to do, thinking how in the world was I going to take care of another person when I just barely managed to take care of myself. Then my son was born and yes , I was still wondering what in the world I got myself into. I was just like you that my attendance in community group started going down and then my attendance in church started going down. i justified it by saying that having a new baby and going to school full time is hard and I didn’t have any time to rest.
    My son is almost nine, he will be in 8 days. I still ask myself if I am doing things right in his life or have I completly messed up somewhere. Then I get a compliment from someone, it can even be a complete stranger, that my son is so well behaved and has really good manners. Then I start thinking that I must be doing something right and then something happens and I start doubtng myself all over again.
    I am so very grateful that God says when me mess up, we ask for His forgiveness and because of the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus’ blood on the cross and the three day battle that He endured and then being resurrected on the third day, that I am forgiven. Such a wonderful feeling knowing this.
    I am so happy that you shared what is in your heart. Sometimes we do not want to share with others because we feel like we are the only one going through somethins. Then we share and find out that someone is going through the exact same thing. Thank you for reminding me that I am not the only one who feels the way that I do.

    In Christ,
    Karen K.

    • Karen,
      I would have had the exact same reaction in the basket situation! The crazy thing is usually when I do end up stepping out of my comfort zone great things come from it! I guess it is just Satan in my head that makes that first step of reaching out of my comfort zone the hardest! It is so comforting knowing that I am not alone and that there are others who struggle with the same thing! I am so thankful that you shared with me! It makes me feel so much better! So often I sit and think that I am the odd ball and everyone else has it all together. Others do not lack confidence like I do and appear fearless. Then I have to remind myself that everyone struggles and has different battles they are fighting. I just wish more woman opened up, shared and encouraged each other. Instead, unfortunately I often see other women competing and tearing each other down. I have been in some of those situations in the past and it hurts. But with that said I am beyond grateful to have you as a sister in Christ and have this group of woman around to support and encourage! It means the world to me!
      Thank you so much for sharing with me!
      I will be praying that we can both have more faith in ourselves. Believing that we are adequate and enough! With God we can do anything! I pray that we will be able to take more risks and step out of our comfort zones knowing that God is not going to lead astray!
      Much love

  4. Wow, your words have inspired me to take a risk. This is my first online bible study and I am excited. I tried doing the Made to Crave book study with some women I knew with their own call in line and it was hard because only one person could talk at a time and my daughter was little and usually ready for bed at the time we did the call. I so excited with the opportunity to participate in this way. Thanks so much for sharing your heart.

    • I am so glad that my words inspired you!! Taking risks is so hard but is usually always worth it!!! I am so glad you are going to be part of this Bible Study! This community of ladies is incredible. It is so nice having other women around who truly care, support and encourage each other to be better! It has made such and impact and difference in my life and I pray that it will do the same for you! I am so excited that we will be taking this risk and journey together! I will be praying for you throughout this study! Thank you for sharing with me! It is still a challenge for me to open up, but your response makes me so glad that I did!
      Much love

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